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"Brady Schmidt and Gary Mull demonstrated they have the honesty, integrity, knowledge, character and ethics throughout the entire transaction process. They were very professional, communicated very closely, and responded quickly to emails and voicemails . I would highly recommend doing business with NBB!" Larry Kitahara -
"I have known and worked with Peter in some capacity for over 11 years. He is as knowledgeable about all facets of the automobile business as anyone I know. I trust him implicitly, and am very proud to call him my friend." Adam Kraushaar - Dealer Principal Lester Glenn Auto Group
"My experience with NBB and Jeff Rochwarger has been very creditable, positive and productive. I find Jeff to be highly professional, very polite, well informed, truthful and he possesses a solid understanding of the industry. He matched a qualified knowledgeable buyer with a knowledgeable seller. The net result was a good business transaction for both. I highly recommend Jeff." Anthony F. Serra - Birmingham, Alabama
"Whether selling or buying, NBB will represent your interest in a courteous, professional and timely manner. I know of no other firm with their expertise in automotive dealerships." Bert E. Arnlund - Las Vegas, Nevada
"NBB has sold two stores for me. I found them to be sincere and honest in all of our dealings. They made me feel as though I was part of their organization, keeping me up to date at all times. They were Awesome!" Bobby Ford - Automotive Group, Lake Jackson, Texas
"High integrity, very aggressive, would recommend NBB to any buyer or seller!" Brent R. Lincoln - Southwest Chrysler Jeep, Norco, California
"Painless - if I had to use one word to describe the process of buying our Honda store. The experience that NBB brought to the table took the headache out of completing the transaction." Brian and Terry Rush - Reliance Ford, Mission, Texas
"We recently completed a complicated three dealership transaction with Jeff, and would recommend him highly to anyone." Carl Atkinson - Greenway Automotive, Orlando, Florida
"When my family decided to consider selling our family-owned new automobile dealership in a community of about 15000 people, we were often told we didn't have much to sell. We spoke with Chris Teape with National Business Brokers and were impressed with his diligent search for all information which would assist in our journey while still cautioning us that the process would at times be discouraging and slow moving. Knowing that the manufacturer had considerable influence on the financial and experience requirements of a new buyer, we feel like we were expertly led through the correct steps to ultimately result in a fair and equitable sale of our dealership.
We would definitely recommend Chris Teape and National Business Brokers to anyone interested in buying or selling a dealership of any size or volume." Chris Hinchey - Hinchey Ford Lincoln
"I have worked with NBB since 1994. They have been diligent, creative and engaged when I needed it. They have also had the wisdom to take a back seat when that worked best for the transaction. We will continue to work with Brady and Gary as our "go-to" team for growth opportunities." Damon Shelly, President and CEO-Shelly Automotive Group - Newport Beach, California
"I worked very closely with Peter for the better part of ten years in his role as General Manager of the Eastern region. He was incredibly effective in leading his regional team and gaining the respect and admiration of his dealers for being able to get things done. He understands the business backwards and forwards and always exhibited strong business instincts and a comprehensive knowledge of dealership operations." Dave Zuchowski - former CEO Hyundai Motor America
"I have known Brady for almost 20 years now and he and Gary have always shown an incredible knack for matching up buyers and sellers for the best out come for both sides of the deal. I appreciated their professionalism and knowledge of the Buy/Sell process. Thanks again Gentlemen!" David C. Merrill - Direct Auto Plaza
"I strongly recommend NBB. They found opportunities that matched our criteria, handled everything professionally, and didn't waste our time." David Solon - Longmont, Colorado
"NBB handled our transaction seamlessly. I made an offer and about thirty days later, escrow closed. Thank you." David Wilson - Wilson Automotive Group, Laguna Beach, California
"Chris, thank you for your tireless efforts and non-stop persistence to get several of my dealership’s sold. The last one was the toughest sale or purchase I have ever been involved in, thank God no more will be like that. And with you being involved in that transaction was the only way it could of closed. You know who I will call when I want to sell or buy a dealership. YOU!! " Dealin Doug - Doug Moreland Dealerships
"I found NBB to be very professional and pleasing to work with in our deal. There is always a lot of emotion involved with deals of this magnitude, and it really helps to have someone keep the sanity when things seem to get crazy. NBB provided outstanding service at a very fair price." Don Marshall - Marshall Buick Pontiac, GMC, Clinton, Indiana
"NBB has been one of the main reasons for the growth and success of Boyland Auto Group, through great purchases and sells of dealerships across the country. NBB has been solely responsible for over $600 Million in sales with over 3% return on sales for Boyland Auto Group. The proof is in the profits..." Dorian Boyland - Boyland Auto Group, Orlando, Florida
"When you list your dealership for sale with NBB, they find qualified buyers who can close." Doug Moreland - Thornton, Colorado
"My two transactions with NBB were very professional. I was more than satisfied with the proceeds but more importantly, NBB was there with me until the close, to handle unforeseen matters that had to be dealt with accordingly." Ed Fitzpatrick - Coliseum Lexus, Oakland, California
"My family has enjoyed a long time association with Brady Schmidt, Gary Mull and the entire team at National Business Brokers spanning two decades. A superior level of professionalism, industry knowledge and attention to detail has been maintained throughout all of our transactions. The marketing efforts on their part seem tireless, and throughout the buy sell process I felt as though I was their most important client. I would eagerly recommend their services to anyone selling or purchasing a dealership." Greg Bozzani - Dealer and a satisfied customer
"I found the staff at NBB to be knowledgeable, professional and discreet. Moreover, NBB is in tune with the marketplace and its players." Herbert Reedman, Jr. - Reedman Auto Center, Langhorne, Pennsylvania
"I first began working with NBB in 2015. They impressed me from day one with their responsiveness and professionalism. NBB is transparent, straightforward and brings a wealth of automobile industry knowledge that is second to none. From the beginning to the end of my first deal brokered by NBB, they stuck with me through every step of the process. After such a positive experience, I sought out NBB again for two more deals, which have been very successful. The great thing about NBB is that they don’t disappear after the deal is closed. I can share my thoughts and ideas and they are always there to help me take my business to the next level." Heshy Gottdiener - President, Comfort Auto Group
"I found NBB to be very professional and responsive in facilitating the sale of a large Chevrolet dealership in Florida." J. Gregory Humphries - Attorney at law, Tampa, Florida
"National Business Brokers was the difference in converting once in a lifetime opportunities into a reality for a number of our dealer clients who were fortunate enough to take advantage of their integrity, knowledge and all important contacts in the automotive industry." Jeff Forsberg - Peterson & Sullivan PLLC, Seattle, Washington
"I have worked with National Business Brokers in numerous transactions in which my clients have purchased and sold dealerships. In each of these sales I found NBB to be very professional and most helpful in both finding buyers and sellers and in facilitating the closing of the sale." Jim Krueger - Attorney at law, Tacoma, Washington
"I Interviewed a few brokers before choosing NBB. They all seemed to be retirees that were just looking to do a deal here and there because of their connections in the car business. The process at NBB is different. It's a business to them not a hobby. They put a marketing plan together, kept me informed of the prospects and sold my store." Jim Rathman - Rathman Chevrolet, Melbourne, Florida
"I met Peter when I was attempting to get an open Hyundai point in White Plains and Peter was the North East Regional Director for Hyundai . After becoming a Hyundai dealer I got to know Peter and was very impressed with his enthusiasm for dealers and Hyundai. Hyundai was setting sales records month after month under Peters leadership but unfortunately Peter subsequently left the company. I really came to appreciate Peters leadership and talent after he left Hyundai and saw multiple replacements fail to do for the Hyundai brand and its dealers what Peter accomplished. Peter made it look so easy, but clearly it wasn’t as evidenced by his successors and his peers with other manufacturers I have dealt with over the years." Jonathan Grant - President, Central Avenue Chrysler Jeep Dodge Central Avenue Hyundai, Central Avenue Nissan
"As intimate...critical...and important as selling or buying your business is, I know of no better business you can rely on more than NBB...they will become your friends as well!" Ken Walker - Honda of Casper, Casper, Wyoming
"Brady Schmidt and Gary Mull, were absolutely without a doubt the a perfect choice. They quickly brought us numerous well qualified offers. Throughout the entire sales process they maintained a high level of professionalism and expertise." Kim Alfonso - Alfonso Cadillac, Portland Oregon
"The staff at NBB is very professional, upfront and is well plugged into dealership opportunities and market conditions." Larry Kitahara - Kitahara Buick Pontiac GMC, Fresno, California
"We were very pleased with NBB's assistance in selling our dealership. They got us $400,000 more than we had been offered. We will recommend them to our dealer friends." Laszlo Halaszi - Tri County Ford, Arcade, New York
"Chris Teape handled the sale of our Chrysler Dodge Jeep Ram dealership, representing both us and the buyer to our mutual satisfaction. I first became acquainted with Chris while he was still an active dealer, and he stayed in touch after joining NBB and kept a warm and friendly relationship with us for years while my wife and I approached retirement age. When we finally decided the time was right, Chris was diligent to locate multiple buyers, including the buyer that fit our expectations the best. He was patient and very professional and made the entire experience as easy as could be expected. I would recommend Chris to any principal entering the market as a buyer or seller. He is an experienced pro and a gentleman." Lynn Berry -
"Has Peter DiPersia found his niche’, absolutely! Working both sides of the isle, retail and wholesale, is crucial in buying and selling process. Peter understands and knows the automobile industry inside and out, as this will only work in your benefit. His knowledge, experience and trust is needed for you to achieve the best results and you will, period. I look forward to working with him." Marc Garvey - Garvey Auto Group
"NBB has been an integral part of our growth over the years because they continue to find opportunities were others have fallen short. The team at NBB has an expansive wholistic knowledge of the auto retail business which is key in successfully closing on a complicated transaction. We are looking forward to working with NBB as our industry consolidates further." Mark D. DeBoer - Lithia Motors
"Having 5 Hyundai dealerships, we consider our group heavily invested in the brand. We consider it integral to have a great relationship with the people on the ground at the OEM. We could not have been more fortunate to have Peter at the helm of the Eastern region for such an extended period of time. Not only did Peter understand the car business, he also understood people. We developed a relationship where we could have open and honest dialogue while pursuing greatness for our dealership group and our brand. He not only helped us in tough times such as letting us temporarily close a point during the recession, but also would steer us in a positive direction towards acquiring another store. He left a mark on our dealership group that we will always appreciate, and we consider our relationship with him a unique one." Michael Brown - Atlantic Automotive Group
"I was a first time buyer. However, the team at NBB treated me like I was their most important client. Every question was answered and every message was returned promptly. The portfolio they send with each listing is very thorough. It contains many pictures, statistics and financial data. They give you everything you need to make your investment decision. I value my relationship with NBB, and when it comes time to purchase another dealership they will be the ones I call." Michael F. Wysup - Pullman, Washington
"I have been doing business with NBB for over ten years. They are responsible for helping me reach my goals and growing my group up to 17 franchises at one time. In recent years, as I've changed direction, they have always been there as a consultant and they treat me like family. They have always put me first as a friend with honest advice on deals that fit my operations. They have been a major contributing factor in my success. Just a great team!" Ralph Martinez - Town & Country Dealerships, Portland, Oregon
"NBB, Thank you for finding us the new Dealership in Freehold that we closed on in August. You have an amazing work ethic and followed up on all the details, Dates and important contractual issues. Dealing with you was a pleasure and I am sure that this isn't the last deal that we will do. Going out of your way to help with issues that arose after closing is something that I truly appreciate!" Randy Lebowitz -
"It is refreshing to find that the folks at NBB have a genuine regard for their clients. I am proud to call them my friends." Reggie Lang - Houston, Texas
"NBB was truly the only reason that I was able to complete the transaction on our new dealership. They were able to help both the seller and I find common ground on some contentious issues. When it seemed that the deal wouldn’t actually happen, he kept us moving forward. I would not think of doing another buy/sell without calling NBB first." Roy Greenblatt - Matt Blatt Dealerships
"If you’re looking for RESULTS!...DeVere will not only deliver results...but provide you with First Class Service and maintain communication throughout the entire process! I know this from experience when he sold our Chevrolet Dealership at a time when the market was running scared! His passion and dedication was admirable!" Scott Dohme -
"Great guys...solid negotiators...class act! The team at NBB is solid. They worked hard to help us make our deal." Shaun Del Grande - Sunnyvale Hyundai Sunnyvale, California

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