Success Stories

Tony Pappas

Ownership Changes Everything

When Tony Pappas took his first job on the sales floor of a car dealership -- he remembers it was November 16, 1990 -- he had one goal in mind: to own his own dealership one day. Most people told him he had no business with a dream like that.
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Dorian Boyland

Champions play for profits -- Boyland aims for the top in everything he does

When the pandemic hit the auto industry in March 2020, dealers everywhere started tightening their belts. Eventually most found themselves with increased profits as a result. But Dr. Dorian Boyland was already months ahead of them.
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Mercedes-Benz of Fresno

NBB Success: Mercedes-Benz of Fresno

Scott Biehl set out on a path 32 years ago to own his own car dealership, and he has moved higher and higher up the ladder toward that dream over the years. He reached the top of the ladder last week when he became the dealer principal of Mercedes-Benz of Fresno.
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Alvarez Jaguar

Congratulations to Ramon Alvarez on the successful sale of Alvarez Jaguar!

Ramon Alverez owned Alvarez Jaguar in Riverside, California, for almost 25 years. It’s never an easy decision to sell a business you’ve poured your blood, sweat and tears into, but Alvarez decided it was time.
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