Selling a dealership is a huge milestone. But it doesn’t have to be overwhelming. We will take the burden off your shoulders to market your dealership confidentially, bring you the right buyer, and negotiate a fair, solid deal.

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"National Business Brokers was the difference in converting once in a lifetime opportunities into a reality for a number of our dealer clients who were fortunate enough to take advantage of their integrity, knowledge and all important contacts in the automotive industry."
Jeff Forsberg
Peterson & Sullivan PLLC, Seattle, Washington

40 Years of relationships

We are currently working with hundreds of qualified buyers in each region across the country. We know what they’re looking for, and what they’re prepared to buy. We can move quickly to connect the right buyer with the right opportunity.

Combined experience

National Business Brokers utilizes seasoned deal makers who will bring you the best price in the shortest time possible. Our experience includes sales, marketing and transactional negotiation services. We can also recommend some of the most talented automotive attorneys, accountants and tax consultants for independent legal advice, due diligence, general accounting, valuation and tax strategies.

Your guide to a successful deal

The best deals are made by real people, not computers calculating multiples. We are able to talk to both the buyer and the seller (attorneys can’t do this), so we can prevent the alienation and emotion that might kill a good deal. We hold together transactions that otherwise might slip through the cracks.

Full confidentiality

It’s best if your employees, customers and competitors don’t know that your dealership is for sale. We know how to give your dealership secure marketing exposure that protects your confidentiality.

5 Steps to Success for Sellers


Confidential Consultation and Valuation:

We’ll discuss your goals and conduct a thorough, confidential valuation of your dealership so you’ll know exactly where your listing will stand in the current market.


Develop Marketing Package:

We will create a detailed marketing package that will get buyers excited about the potential of owning your dealership.


Execute Marketing Strategy:

Aggressive? Conservative? We’ll design a marketing strategy that aligns with your goals, and connects you with your ideal buyers.


Choose Qualified Buyer:

As interest develops, you are in control of filtering and qualifying the buyers you want to work with, and selecting the offer you want to pursue.


Negotiate the Deal:

NBB is your partner for strong negotiation and careful execution of the final stages so your deal closes successfully.

We would love to connect YOU
with the right opportunity, at the right price, at the right time.

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