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Practical keys to making your legacy great

People standing inside an auto dealership

After years in the auto industry, one of the most frequent questions I get from dealers is “should I consider transferring my business to one of my children?”

I attended the NADA convention this last week, and was reminded of how relevant this question is. The topic of multi-generational businesses arose again and again throughout the weekend.

So when I came across this article, I immediately thought of you.  

I have helped walk many dealers through this decision to make their business multi-generational (as I am also the product of a multi-generational business).  But, as common as the process is, there aren’t many resources for people thinking about handing down their dealership. That's why I liked this article. It gives some practical keys to making your legacy a great one as you look at passing your business on to family.

I hope this comes as some help to you!

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