Your opinion on the value of your dealership could be significantly different than its Realistic Market Value™

Every dealership is unique. The Realistic Market Value™ of two different dealerships can vary significantly, even if they are the same brand with the same sales and the same profits.

RMV’s data has shown that owners/founders tend to underestimate the value of their dealerships and second generation owners tend to overestimate the value.

You may want to know the Realistic Market Value™ of your dealership:
  • When planning to sell your dealership
  • When dissolving a partnership
  • For settlement purposes including divorce
  • When buying a dealership
  • To establish a new basis for estate planning
  • To form a new partnership
  • If you are planning tax free giving
  • As added information in the midst of negotiations
  • When buying key man insurance, etc.

Failure to know what your dealership is worth can be very costly. Don’t guess what the value is, especially when the stakes are so high.

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